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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hershey's, the Great American Overkill

While traveling recently, the kids and I stopped at Hershey’s Chocolate World. (Actually, we were on our way to Boalsburg to see the Columbus Chapel museum but got sidetracked :-) ) I wasn’t prepared for what I saw: a Disney/Vegas version of what had been there about three years ago at our last visit. Chocolate World was still being developed then so many of the “attractions” were not yet installed. At that time they had a nice gift shop, a good restaurant, and, of course, the simulated factory tour ride.

It’s the ride we stopped for (and the free chocolate bars). I’ll admit we didn’t have time to check out the 3-D theater show or the Factory Works, which maybe aren’t so bad after all, but it’s the principle of the thing. To get to the ride entrance, you have to walk past both of those attractions. The ride itself is great, very educational. But they take your picture at the end and if you decide to purchase, prices are $10 for a 4x6 and $20 for a 5x7! Geez! (Did I purchase a photo? Absolutely...the last shot (out of three) was mighty cute; I got it for the kids.) Of course they make you walk all the way through the gift shop to pick up your photo, and all the way through the other side of the shop to exit. It worked, I bought a mug for a friend. Considered getting a ball cap for my husband too but he has enough already :-)

The gift shop itself is an extravaganza: there’s clothing, stuffed Hershey’s kisses & chocolate bars, fresh chocolate-chip cookies, and all sorts of candy gift packs and other memorabilia piled to the ceiling. And a small “rain forest” in the middle. It’s all rather overwhelming. Or maybe it’s just that my memory of Hershey’s from childhood, i.e., just the chocolate and the factory, has been sullied...

Anyway, the kids loved the ride (we did it 3 times). But I’m kinda afraid to go back there in the future. I might find an arcade, or a chorus line of ladies in silver lame’ bodysuits, pointy silver hats, and brown tights...


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