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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Couric and Hensley

It’s unfortunate that Katie Couric used her interview with Ty Hensley on the Today Show this past Wednesday to ask an opportunistic question. Thankfully, Hensley responded to her inappropriate question with a gracious and thoughtful answer.

Did Couric really mean to ask whether Hensley’s opinion of the war hinged on one horrific event that happened to hit right at home for him? Might this be illustrative of a view that considers rightness and wrongness to be limited to personal opinion - existing only within the mind of the person holding the opinion? Surely there can’t be people who think that a campaign which involves large numbers of people and issues is right or wrong merely because of how one person (themselves) feels about it.

If, heaven forbid, someone I love is killed in a car crash, must I suddenly go on a tirade against cars? No, that would be silly, though I might be a little more cautious thereafter when using one.


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