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Monday, February 28, 2005

Chromatic reflections

Martin LaBar has written a fun and informative series on the full spectrum:


and don't forget

(If I knew how, I’d put the links in color like he does in the posts!)

The professor tells me that the series is not complete, so keep checking in.

I love color myself. I like to capture certain colors and their relationships when taking photographs. Back in the days when I dabbled in painting, I went through whole tablets of disposable palettes just experimenting with pigments. I wanted to paint certain things just to use certain colors.

Speaking of color and painting, this VanGogh is one of my favorites. Housed at the National Gallery in D.C., it exhibits the most mesmerizing shade of lime-green I’ve ever seen. I wondered why it was so oddly florescent, but this link explains! (I must say, I like it better in its present hue!)

For some marvelous color-intensive photographs, visit Rusty Lopez’ photoblog Imago Articulus.

There is a relationship between color and music. The chromatic scale is so named because it contains all the pitch "colors"; as it progresses, no notes are left out. You can play a chromatic scale on a keyboard by playing each consecutive key (white and black) from your starting point.

Fellow Eastman School of Music graduate Michael Torke has gained wide recognition for his "post-minimalist" compositions, some of which are inspired synaesthetically.


  • Here's how I put text with color in a posting:
    I use Blogger (the free version) to publish my posts. There is a color utility available. It's the capital T with the six colors below it, if you are using Blogger, too. Just select text, then hit the T and select color.

    Color can also be added with html. Use a span style="color: rgb(3 color coordinates, red, green, and blue, from 0 to 255 each, separated by commas and a space, and within a parenthesis) before the text, and close the span after it. I can't demonstrate in this comment, because the comment function won't accept that tag.

    Now if I could figure out how to produce a blogroll in my sidebar . . .

    By Blogger Martin LaBar, at 9:16 AM  

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