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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Useless post, 4/30/05

I’m entitled to one of these once in a while, aren’t I?

Here’s what’s up: I’m feeling pressure to post something of a textual nature in order to keep my blog “current.” But, I’m just not up to doing anything that takes real work! I believe in quality work, or, rather, in giving my best effort that at least meets a minimum standard of decent quality, and good writing doesn’t just flow out of me with little effort (now you know – LOL). Therefore, I really have to be inspired, motivated, and possessed of sufficient energy and mental clarity in order to post anything decent. But tonight I’m afraid I'm just not there. So please forgive me :-)

I have been doing the following, though:

1) collecting notes on things to blog on in the future

2) collecting notes on things to read further, to perhaps blog on in the future

3) planning my homeschooling curriculum for next “school” year

4) looking for a Latin/English dictionary on eBay

5) trying to get my daughter to stay in bed

6) writing something I will present in church on Sunday (which I will probably blog on at some point)

7) thinking about the future of my blog and what I am going to do about it and my future blogging efforts (which I will probably blog about at some point)

8) trying to figure out how the heck I can get to the GodBlogCon

9) reading lots of other people’s blogs. You may think I haven't been reading, because I haven't commented, but I am reading! Actually, I’m also considering writing comments to certain posts but am not up to composing those either at the moment.

I consider blogging and reading blogs to be a relational activity as well as a self-expressive and learning activity, and the people I make connections with via blogging mean something to me. (You know who you are :-) ) Actually, I care about everyone whose blogs I read, and who reads my blog.

Hey, maybe this wasn’t such a useless post after all :-)


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