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Monday, May 23, 2005

Bits and pieces, 5/23/05

Check out this interesting (and long) discussion at the Sonlight Curriculum online forums on True Love Waits and the question, “At what age should women get married and begin having children?”

The thread actually began more than a year ago but was picked up again recently.


Prosthesis suggests that the word “supernatural” is not very useful.

Read his other posts too; he’s got some very perceptive stuff on ID (Intelligent Design).


Ed Jordan at MediaCulpa asks for recommendations for reading material on the subject of hell. In the comments, Lydia McGrew suggests C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce and writes:
Now, _just_ last night I was talking to a friend whose husband has left her. She told me how she tried recently to discuss some relationship stuff with him, asking him if he can forgive her for the wrongs she did him in the past. She said he couldn't seem to answer her question. Instead he just started going back over his grievances and talking about how he has a "men's support group" now for men who have been "hurt" by women, how these men "understand his issues," how no one ever feels sorry for men, and so forth. The wife said to me, "He's right where he was a year and a half ago." Now, put that together with Lewis's "whine going on forever" picture of a damned soul, and it's pretty scary. It makes me think about my own destructive habits of thought, self-pitying repetitions, as really being rejections of God and as being the kind of thing you can trap yourself inside of, in a sense.


Martin LaBar asks some great questions in Star Wars: Christian or not?

Oh, and did you know that kudzu is edible?


Dr. Throckmorton shares his thoughts on the studies that found a link between certain pheromones, body odors, and homosexuality that I mentioned in this post, here and here.


From my sweet 3-year-old daughter:

I have three husbands; not too many.


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