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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bits and pieces, 1/08/05

can emotion reason with thought?

Laura at a practice in belief (and Intellectuelle emeritus) writes on the importance of reason as a guide for faith.


rumpled theology

Martin LaBar at Sun and Shield provides (yet another) interesting link, this time to a post on the theology of C. S. Lewis.


land of magic lost

Apparently there are others (besides me) who, although appreciative of the Narnia movie, find it lacking. Amy at Amy Loves Books thinks it has no “soul” and that it focuses on the children to the neglect of Aslan. De at Thinklings quotes Amy and wonders what others think of the idea that the movie lacks “deep magic.” Many comment.


essence in bloom

Want to really see a cally lily? Check Rusty Lopez’
p h o t o s at ImagoArticulus.


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