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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush won in my county

This surprised me; I wouldn’t have predicted it.

Overall in New York state, Kerry won by 18%. In my county (Chautauqua), Bush won by 8%.

The vote count here was up almost 6% from the 2000 Presidential election. And actually, Bush won then too, over Gore, but only by 3%. (I hadn’t learned this before...never checked...!) I also wasn’t aware that Hillary didn’t win the 2000 Senatorial election in our county. By what you read, hear, and see locally, you wouldn’t guess either of those things. Guess it just goes to show that the loudest and most "visible" voices don’t necessarily carry the day.

I’m curious as to why Bush has gained support here; I don’t think there’s been much change or flux in the population since 2000. Don’t know whether more Republicans/Conservatives voted this time, or whether some voters switched parties or voted outside of their party.

But it’s encouraging :-)


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