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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Blog & roll

There seems to be an explosion in the blogosphere as of late: blog alliances, blogrolls, aggregators, carnivals, contests, etc. are popping up all over. What a wonderful thing! Especially for a little bitty blog like mine. What a great way to meet the neighbors!

I was planning to do a write-up on some of these new blog associations but then I saw Proverbial Wife’s report. Marla's done such a good job, I’ll take the lazy route and direct you to her!

One additional thing I’d like to mention is Dr. Andrew Jackson’s soon-to-be-established website/blog for homeschooled kids. I wish my kids were old enough to take advantage of this opportunity, but in the meantime I will be referring some of my friends!

*edited 1/27/05


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