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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rolling bandages

Though the world is rightly focused upon helping tsunami victims, there are, of course, others in the world in need of aid also.

Today the kids and I spent 3+ hours helping to rip up old sheets and roll them into bandages. We joined the womens’ ministry group at our church in this endeavor, and together we rolled three boxes worth of bandages to be sent to hospitals in the Congo.

I figured the kids would last for maybe an hour, but they really got into it. They were awesome. Participation in this ministry was the bulk of their homeschooling for the day.

It’s easy to take for granted those sterilized gauze rolls, etc. that can be picked up easily at the local drug store, grocery store, or discount store. But hospitals in the Congo depend upon rolled cloth bandages, made from sheets such as the ones I cleaned out of my linen closet this morning, that are brought in from outside.

Apparently our denomination considered cancelling this ministry, but were begged not to! The bandages will be shipped in bulk and distributed by our denomination’s missionaries in the Congo.


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