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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Forget me not

On the occasion of my younger son’s recent birthday, I enjoyed reminiscing via his baby book. In the front I rediscovered a poem I’d written after learning we were expecting him.

Some background: our first child was conceived as an answer to prayer, though not the prayer you might expect. He was answer to prayer for understanding and physical healing. God works in amazing ways!

Conception of our second child (younger son) wasn’t so easy. I was about 7 weeks along, though, before realizing it had happened.

During those 7 weeks, I took frequent walks along our road. I contemplated the flourishing of nature and the long, thick patch of forget-me-nots along the ditch. Both of these things became metaphors in my mind for fertility and for God’s workings:


A petition, an instinct,
a desire
Planted by God within recesses
of the heart?

Like Hannah, a wish has been
granted: a son, Samuel
(A rare, precious gift –
dare I ask for another?)

Leaves fall, snows come.
Spring blossoms, then summer heat:

Strolling along the hill road,
its sides verdant with
fresh mint and a sea of
tiny faces rich, horizon blue,

A life grows within
once again.


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