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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bits and pieces, 4/09/05

The GodBlogCon website is up and running, with registration details to be posted soon. Many, many thanks to “The Instigator” Hugh Hewitt, “The Organizer” Dr. Andrew Jackson, “The Director” Dr. John Mark Reynolds and everyone else involved for putting so much heart and work into making this conference happen.

The GodBlogCon is open to anyone who affirms the historical and Biblical Christian faith*. It will kick off Thursday, October 13th with a dinner followed by an hour with Dr. Reynolds. Friday features multiple sessions, periods of free time, and an evening panel with Hugh Hewitt that will be open to the public. Saturday will bring more sessions in the morning and the conference will end at noon. See the website for more details, and check out the GodBlogCon blog!

Please pray as the schedule and sessions continue to take shape. Pray for content and inspiration. Pray for the registration process, the working out of travel discounts, and provision of travel information. Pray for those who God will bring to this conference. Pray for the ministry of Godbloggers!

*and who has a blog, until July 1st; after that to anyone else who would like to attend, up to 300 individuals.


This week’s Christian Carnvial is at Proverbs Daily. There are over 60 posts this time (I think that’s the most so far). One noteworthy post on Christians and Terri Schiavo by Neil Uchitel at Digitus, Finger and Co. caught my attention and I left a lengthy comment there.


There's been important discussion concerning the definition of personhood at Wittenberg Gate, Through a Glass Darkly, Jollyblogger and certainly others, as well as at Mr. Uchitel's blog. I only just discovered this so I haven't had a chance to read over everything yet. I hope to do so soon and to comment here.


I won't even bother making any more promises regarding my review of The Abolition of Man...since I’ve broken the last several (hanging head in shame). I do hope to continue it...I just can’t seem to get past current events.


My three-year-old daughter loves to run around without clothes on, as do most small children (though we require she cover her bum). Trouble is, our house is chilly. She always insists she’s warm, though.

Here’s an exchange from a few mornings ago:

Me: “Rosie, where are your clothes?”

Rose: “I’m not cold.”

Me: “Honey, it’s cold in this house, are you sure you’re not cold?”

Rose: “I’m....Not....COLD!”

Me: “Brrrr, I’m getting cold just looking at you!”

Rose: “Then put on a sweater!”


Just when you think you’ve heard everything:

Woman breastfeeds newborn tiger cubs



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