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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bits and pieces, 5/03/05

Registration is open for the GodBlogCon (since April 15th). Register soon, as space is limited to 300. Registrants must have a blog url until May 15th. Please see the GBC website for more information .

John Schroeder is back in the saddle at the GBC prayer blog and continues to do an excellent job. His substantial entries are of use even beyond the GBC. I liked last Friday’s especially; he recommends prayer for relief of fears.

It’s nice to be reminded I’m probably not the only one who has them :-)


From the cover of The Book Peddler’s catalog:
It is better to build children than to repair men.

I am keenly aware of this, but not sure if this makes me a better mother or a more anxious one!


I’ve read and appreciated comments by a gentleman named Macht on many of the blogs I read, but am ashamed to say I never clicked over to his blog, Prosthesis (what a name!) until recently. Man, I like this guy!


My son is supposed to be doing a research paper (assisted by me, of course) as a "language-arts" assignment. I think we’d both rather be pulling teeth. He started out researching while-tailed deer with the question, “Are white-tailed deer friendly to other animals?” but this didn't work out so well :o. So, inspired by a recent news story, he might try a new topic:

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zebra hybrids



“For two teens left adrift on a sailboat for six days, prayer and improvised survival tactics kept the best friends alive.” from


I pray for their speedy recovery.


Winter just won’t give up. It’s May, for crying out loud! Yesterday there were sporadic episodes of snow and “sneet” (sort of snowy sleet) all day long. My son was very disappointed to have his season-opening Little League game cancelled for the second time.

Looking out the window, I see flurries still coming...(sigh)


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