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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bits and pieces, 5/31/05

What you do for the least of these

Dan at Cerulean Sanctum, a wonderful blog I’ve just discovered, says some beautiful things about the utter necessity of helping one another.


As I have loved you

Catez at Allthings2all gives an example of true Christian friendship.


I’m a wanderer...just a wanderer...

Jollyblogger writes a thoughtful piece on dealing with “wayward children.” His focus is mainly on prodigal-type behavior, but what he says is applicable to any sort of rebellion from a child.
When kids start to wander parents tend to either go into panic mode or crackdown mode. This is harmful to both the parent and the kid. It robs the parent of any sense of peace and joy and it further alienates the kids.

True enough. I'm afraid I see myself in the “crackdown” category. Sometimes a kid does need to know what the deal really is and be required to face it, otherwise he/she will learn that accountability is negotiable and consequences avoidable. But oppressive crackdown is not helpful.

Pastor Wayne makes the point that some rebellion and wandering is to be expected in the maturation process. (We all rebel and wander to some extent, don't we?)


Take up your cross

Amy at Amy’s Humble Musings sees motherhood as a vehicle for sanctification. She quotes Elisabeth Elliot:
The routines of housework and of mothering may be seen as a kind of death, and it is appropriate that they should be, for they offer the chance, day after day, to lay down one’s life for others. Then they are no longer routines… A mother’s part in sustaining the life of her children and making it pleasant and comfortable is no triviality. It calls for self-sacrifice and humility, but it is the route, as was the humiliation of Jesus, to glory.

I don’t know that I would personally consider housework and the routines of mothering to be a kind of death. But certainly the loss of certain parts of oneself, be it temporary or ongoing, as well as the toll taken by the difficulties of motherhood, are a kind of death and I appreciate that admission. It grates on me when women seem to treat this self-sacrifice as something that should be as easy as falling off a log -- something that can be airbrushed with a glib, “Oh, just give it to Jesus, He will provide everything you need.” Yes, ultimately this is true, but it doesn’t acknowledge the difficulty, the death, involved. There is incomparable joy in motherhood, but there are also crosses to bear that can be heavy and dreadfully painful. We Praise God nevertheless for the opportunity to serve Him through the bearing and raising of children.


And I thought it only happened to me!

Gwyneth Paltrow losing her memory (since having a baby)...

(edited 5/31/05)


  • Hi, first time I've visited here . . . through Marla's blog. I so identify with your thoughts on the sacrifices of motherhood. For some it may be easy, and the death to self somewhat painless. But not for me. How are we as women helping one another when we characterize the death to one's self as easy or something you "just do" when you become a mom. I like this post - a reminder to be compassionate and understanding towards others on our journey. Thanks!

    By Blogger blueyedtracy, at 4:16 PM  

  • Thank you, Tracy, and welcome.

    By Blogger Bonnie, at 10:45 PM  

  • Thankyou for mentioning my post Bonnie. God bless you.

    By Blogger Catez, at 11:11 PM  

  • Bonnie,

    Thanks for the link and the kind words. Somehow my tracking for my blog missed out on your link, so I am coming to this late, but thanks again!


    By Blogger Dan Edelen, at 12:53 AM  

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