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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A quiet jingle

Focus on the Family magazine recently invited readers to share about a favorite family heirloom. I was moved by this response:

Our mother wore a set of silver bracelets that jingled quietly as she went about her day. When the Lord took her home in 1998, Mom’s bracelets took on a new significance with her seven kids. We remembered hearing them at different moments in our lives: when she clapped at our concerts, styled our hair, sewed our clothes, polished the silver for company, opened her Bible or hurried down a hospital hallway to comfort one of us.

At the next family reunion, as a reminder of Mom’s legacy, my father presented each of us with silver bracelets – their worth found in the way that each of us practice what Mom taught us through quiet jingles.

Jane Wilson, Newark, Del.


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