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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bits and pieces, 6/14/05

I’ve noticed a few posts/articles recently that discuss ends and means: In an entry to the Intellectuelles contest, the author wonders whether there’s much of a cultural pull these days for people, even Christians, to value the ethics of a means over a particular end, or to keep one’s word.

Chuck Colson discusses the actions of Mark Felt during the Watergate scandal in a Breakpoint Commentary.

Jeff Clinton at The Dawn Treader mentions Colson’s piece and sparks quite a discussion in the comment thread.

How far are we willing to go to justify our actions? Do those of us who are Christians truly believe that Christ alone is our justification? In other words, do we take things into our own hands, or leave them in His?


Wittenberg Gate has a most interesting series going titled “Controlling Personalities in the Church.” She discusses many aspects of truly un-loving people, the influence they can have on others, and what to do about them. Part 4 contains links to Parts 1-3.


Catez posts a terrific interview with Nancy Pearcey. Pearcey discusses some of the material from her book, Total Truth, in which she makes the case for a holistic approach to Christian living. I must add this book to my already ridiculous pile-in-waiting!


Congratulations to Elena on the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Maryrose (Rosie).


A moving comment about motherhood and children from a mother I know:

Every time I feel inadequate as a parent, or regretful for my past mistakes...I just look at my kids. What an honor to experience motherhood. It's not because of anything I did or didn't do to deserve them...they are a gift...they don't even belong to me. God knew I'd make mistakes, and it's no coincidence that my kids have the personalities and abilities that they do. God knew what they'd need to survive and thrive in this family.

(quoted with permission)


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