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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bits and pieces, 10/09/05

Intellectuelle update

Don’t forget to check Intellectuelle for thought-provoking fare, including this post by Laura concerning the movement among college women to "return to motherhood," and this one by Ashley on how being Christian might affect one's food choices.

My latest offerings there:

The blogging format: who serves what?

Iconoclasm, part II: all reality is iconoclastic (name that quote)

When does a human life begin?


As art reveals the artist

In a thoughtful and insightful essay entitled Notes on Blogging: The Autobiography of a Blogger, Joe Carter suggests that we read blogs with an eye toward gaining insight into the authors as people regardless of whether the blogs themselves are personal, i.e., diary-style, or not. A reader comment warns Joe to be careful of drawing conclusions about a person solely from their blog entries. There’s a difference, however, between making snap judgments/drawing conclusions about the person and gaining insight into the person by noting particular features or characteristics of their work, over time.

With the exception of those who focus on journaling, few bloggers write in a way that would be considered purely autobiographical. But as philosopher Mortimer Adler noted, “There’s a great deal of Plato in The Republic, of Milton in Paradise Lost, of Goethe in Faust - though we may not be able to put our finger on it exactly. If we are interested in humanity, we will tend, within reasonable limits, to read any book partly with an eye to discovering the character of its author.” Blogs, like books, have a way of revealing the characters of their authors.


Whose choice is it?

I've participated in a robust yet friendly discussion at Chief Executive Mom this past week on predestination. (Nah, not much to talk about ;-) ). I've learned a lot. I may post on the topic myself, if I get the nerve.


leaving, on a jet plane

Posting will be light to nonexistant this week and maybe part of next week; I will be attending the GodBlogCon. It'll be great to meet other bloggers, hear what the speakers have to say, and perhaps gain an enlightened perspective on blogging. I'll share some highlights when I return.


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