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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Five weird habits


Only five. (sure were hard to pick!)

Elena at My Domestic Church has tagged me for this one. (Thanks, Elena, I think!) ;-)

Here goes:

1. I keep a sticker scrapbook. It started out normally enough; I bought a scrapbook to keep mementos from my husband’s and my first year as visiting artists in rural North Carolina. That was a short-term gig though so I still had lots of room left in the scrapbook. I started putting banana stickers in it, from the back working in. Why banana stickers? Well why not? Doesn’t everyone collect them?

I’m known amongst closest acquaintances for my reliance upon bananas as a staple (I’m into efficiency when it comes to food); I’ve been asked more than once how many I actually consume in, say, a week. Well, I decided it’d be fun to sort of keep a record, with stickers. Couldn’t stop there, though; I started taking the stickers off the bunches as soon I had them home from the store. Even stole a couple from other bunches at the store now & then just to even up the color scheme in my book. (Don’t worry; after counseling, I stopped doing that).

Gradually I’ve expanded my sticker-saving habit; first I added address labels from the various places we lived, then Starbucks coffee bag labels, and then others off of anything that came my way that had a removable sticker. So my sticker collection has become a true scrapbook-type chronicle of the past 15 or so years of certain aspects of my life. Soon I’ll need another scrapbook!

2. I dilute juice before drinking it. I’m also known to mix different kinds of juice together, even sometimes juice with pop. (That’s soda to those of you outside of western NY). Like punch, ya know? Diluted, of course.

3. I save cardboard egg cartons. Don’t ask.

4. I eat ice cream around the edges (when it’s in a dish). Really there’s more method to this than madness: 1) my teeth are super-sensitive. The ice cream at the edges is softer/warmer than in the middle & therefore more comfortable to eat. 2) You get more of the flavor this way.

5. I eat the broken pieces from a bag of crackers before the whole crackers (unless I’m having them with cheese or peanut butter). Probably more madness than method.

(Thanks to my dear husband for his invaluable help in compiling this list!)

Now, let's hear about your wierd habits! I'll let you tag yourself :-)

(And if this isn't enough meme fun for you, I put one up at Intellectuelle too.) (a different one)


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