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Monday, February 13, 2006

A Narnia valentine

(but first, a word from our sponsor:)

As if Narnia Chapstick wasn’t bad enough, I now see that I can make “Wintry White Clusters” with the Wheat Chex I bought on special at the grocery store. The recipe on the side of the box says to mix vanilla baking chips, Chex cereal, dry-roasted peanuts, small pretzel twists, mini-marshmallows, and vanilla candy coating together for - voila! - a “magical” snack/treat!

Well, my daughter is sending Narnia “flashy foil” valentines this year. (*sigh* I told her she could choose whichever ones she wanted, and had to keep my word!)

Maybe they’re not so bad. They do promote Lewis’ books and the movie, not to mention some “noble” concepts:

Wishing you a truly magical valentine” (with Peter in full armor upon his unicorn)

Happy Valentine’s Day to a noble friend,” featuring a portrait of Aslan

May the woods sing with Spring this Valentine’s Day,” picturing the four children around the lamppost (I like this one!)

May your aim be true this Valentine’s Day” with –- you guessed it –- Susan drawing her bow. (I like this one too)

So, I say to you all: May your woods sing with a gospel Spring this Valentine’s Day and always, and may all of your aims be True.

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