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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Intellectuelle update

There’s some great discussion going on at Intellectuelle, a group blog authored by Christian women interested in exploring the life of the mind together, of which I am the new steward. We are in the process of bringing new members on board, including Ilona of truegrit, Atlantic from the UK, and other excellent women who shall be revealed in time.

Intellectuelle seeks to be a forum for Inkling-type discussion. Although so far not much literature has been discussed, just about everything else has. Intellectuelle demonstrates that many women – young, older, student, working woman, or mother at home – have minds just as active as many men’s, and are concerned about more than just “girl” things and parenting techniques, housekeeping tips, or recipes. (Not that those things aren’t important in their own sphere.) There is a certain dimension that women (perhaps even those you might never suspect) can bring to the general atmosphere of Christian and cultural thought.*

Thanks to Joe Carter for sponsoring this venture and recognizing the value of the female mind.

(* Is this a feminist thing? Well, maybe. Is it a sexist thing? Well, let me ask: is it sexist for a man to be a man? Is it sexist for a woman to be a woman? Is it sexist to recognize the characteristics a person has as a member of one gender or the other?)


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