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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Say what?

The news on a local radio station today reported the murder of Christian aid worker Tom Fox, whose tortured body sustained multiple gunshot wounds:

His body showed signs of maltreatment.

Yeah, I guess so.


separation of church and state?

In Born Again, the cover story for this week’s issue of WORLD magazine, Lynn Vincent outlines the Democratic Party’s attempts to re-connect with “religious” voters. DNC committee chairman Howard Dean, “who once said his favorite New Testament book is Job and last June slammed the GOP as ‘pretty much a white, Christian party,’ now says the Bible should be taught as literature in the public schools.”

(Yet we can’t talk about intelligent design in the public schools...)

Darrell Thompson, senior advisor to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, told WORLD: “Democrats have always embraced religious faith, just not so publicly, and ‘we’re right to talk about it now.’”

(Gotta hand it to Ellen Goodman; she saw it coming.)


The front-page headline of today’s Jamestown (NY) Post-Journal tells us that local school districts are “Taking a Closer Look” at teacher-student relationships. Why?

Due to [X] and [X] school district sex scandals, the issue of unappropriate relationships between students and school district employees has received an abundant amount of attention from the media of late. [as well it should] However, what doesn’t receive attention from the media is the bond formed between teachers and students that is a necessity for the education process to work. The issue of forming an appropriate working connection with students is an issue all school district address on an annual basis [sic].

(the point being...?)

Sherman schools superintendent Dr. Howard Ferguson “said state law mandates all new teachers go through a mentoring program with a tenure teacher.”
We discuss the proper rapport that should be displayed around students for any position...Our staff and faculty shows the necessary respect toward students to give quality instruction.

They need to “study,” and hold mentoring programs, in order to help teachers not have sex with students??

(Maybe what they’re getting at is discussing ways to observe proper boundaries in student-teacher relationships, but, really, do teachers need to be told what these are? If so, perhaps they’re in the wrong profession.)


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