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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Camp Crystal Lake?

Today we dropped off our son at church camp. This is his first time away at camp. I’ll admit I’m a little concerned. Not about my son – he’s outgoing & resilient & will do just fine. I have (or thought I had) complete confidence in the camp; it’s affiliated with our church, my husband went there as a kid, we know the people who run the camp, etc.

It’s "Dan" I’m worried about. My son’s counselor. As we approached Cabin #14, we were greeted by a black sign that read, “Dan’s Dungeon.” *blink* It did have the requisite token cross on it but somehow that cross didn’t seem to belong there. We entered the cabin and beheld a 250 lb. 18-year-old in a camp T-shirt and counselor badge. He looked back at us, sort of, and uttered not a word of greeting. As we helped our son set up his bunk, Dan popped a CD into the stereo next to his bunk (the instructions for campers said no radios, no walkmen, no boomboxes, etc...hmmm). Jagged strains of heavy metal music, "Christian," I’m sure, shattered our afternoon reverie. Wow.

In an attempt to see if Dan could talk, we asked him what the evening activities would be. “Swimming test,” he said. “To see how well they can swim.” At least, I think that’s what he said, it was kind of garbled.

We got the heck out of Dan’s Dungeon and bade our son farewell as he joined a game of nerf football with other campers.

Should I be worried??


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