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Friday, October 08, 2004

And this guy's a bishop?

Well, here it is:
You do not go to God to determine truth. You go to the commonly accepted knowledge that is available to you in the fields of science and medicine.
-– John Shelby Spong

Straight from the, er, horse’s mouth.

Spong is referring specifically to truth about homosexuality with this statement. He goes on to say:
My bet is that by "going to God," she [referring to a reader’s friend] means consulting the Bible, which was quoted to condemn Galileo and Darwin and to support slavery and a second-class citizenship for women. That is not a very impressive set of credentials. If we followed the Bible, we would put all homosexuals to death (see Lev. 20).*

Oh. Well. Guess I better toss my Bible.

*from Spong's weekly email column, "A New Christianity for a New World" Bishop Spong Q&A. If I knew how, I'd provide a link.


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