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Saturday, January 29, 2005

We've adopted

...a cat.

Not big news, I know. But the process was symbolic for me. (Actually, everything’s symbolic for me ;-) )

It just kind of happened; no premeditation. The kids and I went on a field trip with our local homeschoolers’ group to the Humane Society. We went assuming it was just an informational visit, but seeing all of those animals cooped up in small cages (clean, but with only bare necessities) was disheartening.

Then the kids started begging, and wouldn’t stop. Now I don’t make a habit of giving in to them when they beg, but I started to wonder if God wasn’t speaking to me through their begging!

Most kids naturally love animals and my younger son, especially, adores them. He plays lovingly with his menagerie of stuffed animals every day, and at night, there’s barely room for him in his bed. He would’ve been absolutely crushed if we didn’t go home with something.

Our family has kicked around the idea of getting a new pet, on occasion. We’ve owned three cats in the past. But all three of them had problems, and I became resentful. With babies and toddlers to care for, I really didn’t want anything else to have to look after, thank you very much. But those three cats either died or went to another home, so we’ve been pet-less ever since (except for a few goldfish.)

But the kids are getting older...

As they were milling around trying to decide which dog or cat they wanted to adopt, or all of them (at this point I hadn’t acquiesced to anything), I noticed a black cat rubbing up against the side of his cage. This was noteworthy, since nearly all of the other cats, even kittens, seemed uninterested in doing much of anything except staring dully or sleeping. Poor things. Anyway, I asked to take this cat into the “get acquainted room” (or whatever they call it), and though a bit edgy, he was quite affectionate, and didn’t seem to mind too much being cooped up with three excited children and a mom. He had a nice, bright expression on his face, not that dull glassy look of so many of the others.

We took him home. I spent money that wasn’t in the budget. Oh well.

We gave a nice cat a home, and the kids are THRILLED! My husband got a nice surprise when he got home :-).

I know that animals are on a different plane than people, but there’s something about seeing a need and doing some small thing to meet it, even if doing so extends the resources a bit. I think it’ll be worth it. :-)

Anyone have a good name for a nice black cat?


  • How about "Niveus"?

    By Blogger Rusty, at 2:37 AM  

  • I named my black kitty Jinxy... another good name is Onyx. Congrats on your new cat!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:53 PM  

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