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Friday, March 18, 2005

Bits and pieces, 3/18/05

Here’s the latest, as far as I can find, on the status of legislation that may help save Terri Schiavo (and others in similar condition). WittenbergGate has a synopsis of what’s going on at both the federal and state (Florida) level. The Florida House passed The Starvation and Hydration of DisabledPersons Prevention Act (HB 701), but a similar bill did not pass the Senate. According to MediaCulpa, The Senate may vote on HB 701 today, but the prospects for its passage aren't good because the defeated Senate bill (SB 804) was less broad in scope.

It still may be possible to influence the Florida Senators, though, so please contact as many as possible as soon as possible.


Check out Christian Carnival 61 at ChristWeb this week. Lots of great material as always. My Crafting the Modern Family is in there. Also included is Jeremy Pierce’s excellent post, The Moral Value of Meanings of Words.


I got in on the discussion a little bit on Mr. Pierce’s post. Pierce is absolutely brilliant in his analysis of distinctions between word definitions and usage, but I’m not sure everyone who tries to use language to further a certain agenda is as clear about all the particulars as he is, which is his point. He helped clear me up about my thinking that words are being redefined when they actually aren’t. I still think he might less inclined to accept moral breach regarding word usage than I am, or maybe it's that I'm too suspecting. Either way, let’s just say that I agree that the meanings of words do not have moral value in and of themselves, but I think words can be and often are used in an immoral way either through ignorance of their actual meanings (Jeremy’s point) or by using known or not-so-well-known variances in their meanings to dishonestly influence others.


The New Blog Showcase, Out of the Wilderness, is up at NickQueen’s. This week he presents three great blogs by women.


SmartChristian reports plans to launch a Christian Blogosphere Convention website in the next week or so that will have details on GodBlogCon 2005, including registration info. Conference planning and organizing is still in process, so please continue to pray for everyone involved. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be the true Planner.


I promise to continue reviewing The Abolition of Man in the next week or so...(I’m sure it’s the most dragged-out review ever written...sorry)


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