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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hooray for Congress

From FoxNews this evening:

"As millions of Americans observe the beginning of Holy Week this Palm Sunday we are reminded that every life has purpose and none is without meaning," said House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., a leader in crafting the bill [that would allow Terri Schiavo’s case to be taken to federal court]."

The U. S. House of Representatives hopes to pass this bill as soon after midnight as possible.

But Rep. Jim Davis, D-Fla., said the congressional action was "a clear threat to our democracy." Congress, he said, was ignoring the constitutional separation of power and "is on the verge of telling states, courts, judges and juries that their opinions, deliberations and decisions do not matter."

Sheesh. I think he means that Congress is on the verge of telling states, courts, judges, and juries that they are not infallible. That they are not beyond critical examination.

Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fla., needs to hear this too. He said,
"There is a law to be followed and the Florida courts have found it. And they found that Terri's wishes were not to be kept alive" by artificial means, Wexler told FOX News. "Congress is in no position now, in my view, to undermine the sanctity of the Florida court system. ... If this is the process, then no state court ruling will be final." (emphasis added) it so terrible to say that all who have governmental or judgmental power over people must be held accountable? I thought that’s what checks and balances was about. Those who cry “hypocrite” regarding Republicans now, saying that they who supposedly favor less government are “interfering with a personal, familial decision,” seem to be forgetting their cries for “rights, rights, rights,” – as in, the right of each and every citizen to have his/her case reviewed by another court in the event of an undeclared but actual mistrial.

If somebody’s husband wants to shoot her, and the law says, “no,” is the law interfering with a “personal, familial decision?” I don't think so.

I am truly heartened by the effort our government leaders have put into getting legislation passed that might save Terri. Please remember to thank them!

Terri has been without nutrition and hydration for over two days now. Hopefully these can be restored tomorrow.


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