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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bits and pieces, 6/02/05

Francis Beckwith writes a post at Right Reason titled My Letter to AAUP’s Academe, in which he responds to an article challenging the legitimacy of his appointment at Baylor. This challenge had to do with the fact that Beckwith has paid favorable attention to certain implications of Intelligent Design theory.

The exchange on the comments thread is fascinating. And entertaining.


The lead-off presentation of Meeting of Minds, a new carnival featuring posts on Intelligent Design, is at Telic Thoughts.


Rusty Lopez of New Covenant describes (bottom of comment thread) the only proper way to form views: consider all aspects, and all evidence!

I believe that one should look at the whole picture, noting how (or if) the various arguments gel with one another.

(You wouldn't think this would be asking so much, would you?)

He points out distinctions between religion and bias, evolution and science.


I saw Elvis

I See Jesus in My Taco -- from FoxNews’ Out There and Taco Bell's Food Sightings Museum.


  • I see Chewbacca in everything. But my doctor says it's because I like to chew. My word association tests all come up really weird. (giggle)

    By Blogger Paula, at 2:10 PM  

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