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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bits & Pieces/Update, 9/01/05

Join me in prayer for the appallingly large number of people so profoundly affected by Hurricane Katrina. Offer tangible aid if you can.

Remember not to take things like family members, pets, housing, clothing, food, cars, and indoor plumbing for granted.


The GodBlogCon 2005 is six weeks away. Things are pretty quiet lately on the GodBlogCon front but I’m told that it is still going to happen and still intended to be a national event. The stated purpose of theGodBlogCon is “to establish and cultivate relationships within the Christian blogging community and to provide opportunities for Christian bloggers to think about their role within the broader blogging world.

Publicity is planned for the upcoming weeks but I am concerned that such late notice won’t give folks enough lead time to make arrangements to attend. Please help promote the GodBlogCon on your blog if you are so inclined, and don’t forget to check the GodBlogCon prayer blog. Then, go to the GBC to hear some great discussion and meet other Christian bloggers!


Douglas LeBlanc writes an intriguing commentary at GetReligion about an article in The New Yorker that features Hugh Hewitt, the "Most Famous Conservative Journalist Whom Liberals Have Never Heard Of." LeBlanc points out bits that pertain to the matter of full religious/political disclosure, or lack thereof, by Hewitt and journalists in general.


Check out my post on deontology and consequentialism at Intellectuelle, including the comments. I’m still trying to work out all of the implications of these two terms and how they relate to Christian thought and apologetics. I probably will be for awhile. My brain is kinda cramped, given that


I’ve also been involved in a discussion at Hugo Schwyzer’s blog that has spun off from my “autoerotism” post and his comments on same. Here is another post in which he adds further thoughts.

I really enjoy involved discussion but man, it’s tiring. Especially when life is tiring too. Not to mention that my computer screen just up & decided to change its display format so that font size and the way text fits on the screen are all messed up. It's driving me nuts, and I have no idea how to fix it. *sigh*

I need to do something mindless for a change, not to mention get a good night’s sleep. So goodnight (and thanks for reading!)


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