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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My prayer: Lord Jesus, Fill My Days

I really like this hymn from the Covenant Hymnal. The melody and harmony are a perfect transport for the words:

Lord Jesus, fill my days with gratitude and praise
that I might always show your mercy, love and justice too.
My time I wholly give to you.

Lord Jesus, take my mind, each dream and thought resigned
to think on all that’s pure and holy, cling to what is true.
My thoughts I wholly give to you.

Lord Jesus, still my heart. Enable me to start
to see your promised new beginnings, new priorities.
My heart I wholly give for these.

Lord fill my days, with endless praise.
Lord, take my mind, each thought resigned.
Lord still my heart, and set apart my life for you.

Lord Jesus, faithful Friend, I cannot comprehend
that you will lift me up to glory when my journey’s through.
My life I wholly give to you.

Now, before anyone challenges the theology or anything else in this hymn, I just want to say that I like it because it expresses my hope toward God. Though I rarely can sing the “wholly” parts honestly, they challenge me to give myself wholly to Him.

Of course Jesus is not a friend in the sense of being a buddy or pal, but He is benevolently disposed toward us and exists to be essential in our lives, ever faithful as His Father is faithful.


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