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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bits and pieces, 10/23/05

perfect love

...casts out fear. Joe Carter reminds us of this in The Fear That Qualifies Bravery. He distinguishes between legitimate and illegitimate fear and defines true bravery. Food for thought. Something I need to explore myself, especially in light of my recent confessions to being chicken-hearted in certain situations.


of blogs and men

Catez at Allthings2all asks, “How do you define blogging success?” and gets some good answers in the comments section. Her question was spurred by comments by me and others on the issue of representation of women bloggers at the GodBlogCon.


On a related note, ilona of truegrit has discussed the blogging phenomenon, pre-GodBlogCon, no less, in terms of how it reflects humanity for better or worse. She also looks at what defines a quality blog and whether Christian blogging is, in fact, worthwhile. Ilona, wish you’d been at the conference!


get Pearced

Nancy and Richard Pearcey have a new blog, The Pearcey Report – check it out.

A couple of headlines from their home page: Are Schools Intelligently Designed? and Purpose-Driven Starbucks, which links to a USAToday article explaining why a quote from Rick Warren will grace some of the cups that deliver Starbucks’ rich brew to customers. The article also mentions other companies that place Bible verses on their packaging or products to reflect the fact that they are (or their founders were) believers, such as In-N-Out Burger.


who’d a thunk...

...that there was another blogger at the GodBlogCon from the same denomination as my home church (Evangelical Covenant)? Must’ve been Charlie Lehardy’s discussion of the Methodist Church during the round-table discussion that threw me off. When he announced that he was a pro-life Democrat at the Friday-morning plenary session, though, that should’ve given me a clue ;-). Charlie blogs at AnotherThink.


  • If you want the works on your burger from In-n-Out, then you have to tell them to "drag it through the garden" when you order it. And don't forget the fries and shake with that order!

    Sigh... must be a California thing.

    By Blogger Rusty, at 12:06 AM  

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