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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thank you, God, for life

Today marked the anniversary of my birth. Woop-de-doo. I really don’t care, except that the occasion has caused me to reflect, briefly, on my life. When I think of what I have been allowed to experience, and what I have learned, what I have learned about love, and the hope that I’ve come to know that was not always a part of my life, well, I fall on my face (figuratively, if not literally) before the Father.

But then I think of how utterly selfish and self-absorbed I still am, and how much I still have to learn, and I marvel that God is so extremely patient and wonderful that He might still use me for His purposes in spite of myself. I thank God for those who love me in spite of my faults and flaws. I thank God for those who have expressed appreciation for anything I’ve ever done, knowing full well that what they are really appreciating is God, for He is responsible for whatever good may come of me.

I thank Him for those who aren’t loving toward me, for they remind me that He calls me to love as He has loved me. (A lesson I am way too slow in learning – forgive me, Lord.)

I thank Him for blogging. I thank Him that He has brought the situations and circumstances of my life to a point at which blogging is a culmination of sorts. I pray that I would not abuse this gift, nor try to make it my own.

To my readers: thank you; I wish you great blessings. Keep me accountable, ‘K?

P.S. I almost didn't post this, because, well, I almost didn't. But what the hey.


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