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Friday, February 24, 2006

Metaphysical rhumba

you can rhumba in the latest fashion
you can samba, or tango, if you please
you can even add an extra dash of expertise
but if you can't get the groove of metaphysical style
then you won't get more than one dance with me.

you can figure to the smallest fraction
by a slip of financial wizardry
every step with which a man of action might proceed.
but if you can't calculate in metaphysical style
then you're counting on a life that's minus me.

metaphysically speaking -- that's beyond what you see --
if you can't get a hold of the thing I call soul,
then you won't get a hold of me.

(you can rhumba in the latest fashion...)

I'm metaphysically-fashioned; what I ask for is rare.
but if you don't agree with what plato decreed
then it's just a platonic affair.

(you can figure to the smallest fraction...)

--Deanne Lundin

(lyrics to "Metaphysical Rhumba" by Bevan Manson, from the album of the same name, 1983.)


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