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Sunday, January 30, 2005

GodBlogCon prayer blog

is here! Many thanks to John Schroeder for setting it up. The prayer blog is to serve as GodBlogCon Prayer Central, where all who plan to be involved in the conference can gather to pray in unity for its ministry. Choose how you would like to participate, whether to visit, read, and pray for what's listed in the posts; to email with prayer requests or reports; or contribute to the prayer community on your own blog.

It's amazing how quickly the GodBlogCon has taken shape. But then, it's only natural that those who are passionate about God-blogging would want to gather together to meet one another, discuss purpose both individually and corporately, and celebrate the opportunity we have to serve our Lord through the medium of blogging.

To be honest, I wish we didn't have to wait until October! But patience is a virtue.

I am inspired by the enthusiasm and vision put forth for what this conference can be. I love the idea of having facilitated discussion groups as opposed to a presenter/lecturer format, and of having a great big coffee-house experience in the evenings. The topics of discussion look fascinating, and should help us all define the purpose and vision of our own blogs.

My little prayer for the day: "Lord, we owe everything we have to You, and we offer it back to You in Your service. Take the mighty inspirations you've given to those of us who blog in Your name and mold them into a beautiful work that will stand as a witness to the world and help to bring about Your kingdom here on earth. Once again, thank you for the privilege of calling You 'Abba, Father,' and teach us to extend the same grace to those we influence that you extend to us. Amen."

Be sure to make the GBC prayer blog a daily stop!


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