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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Pray the GodBlogCon

The GodBlogCon is on! They were looking for 100+ God-bloggers to attend, and I think they've hit critical mass.

I’d like to contribute to the climate of prayer that will surround the preparation and lead-up to this sure-to-be-blockbuster event. I hope to post a prayer topic daily, or near-daily. I think there will be an actual, organized GBC prayer-center set up soon, which I hope to be a part of, but in the meantime I’ll do my own thing here.

To start, I just want to give thanks. I’m thankful for all the fantastic God-bloggers out there who aim to serve God in Christ through the gifts of thinking and writing that they’ve been given. The blogosphere runneth over. I think it’s safe to say that the common purpose of God-bloggers is to share their views with the masses (of Internet users, anyway), to influence readers toward a saving faith in God, to influence the cultural climate and thought of the day toward reform (and influence the political climate as well), and to connect with one another so as to truly function as the Body of Christ.

I’m thankful that my life affords me opportunity to blog. I’m thankful for the outlet blogging has given me, though my blog be humble in stature. I’m thankful for the other bloggers I’ve gotten to know, and for the mind-boggling array of posts there are to read and benefit from.

I’m thankful for my readers :-)

Please join me in praying the GodBlogCon!


  • I stand in agreement with you Bonnie... great prayers all over the place concerning the GodBlogCon!

    By Blogger April D., at 3:55 PM  

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