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Friday, February 04, 2005

Bits and pieces, 2/4/05

Ed Jordan at Media Culpa has a wonderful post about the real religion of “urban atheists.”


My cup runneth over: I’ve found yet another blog after my own heart. At Metal of Heaven, David M. Smith has a terrific post called Contrarians. It explains me better than I ever could. (Mom, are you reading? :-) )

He also has a couple of posts on churches and the need for feedback from congregants as well as the actual heeding of feedback. This is timely for me because of the nature of some of my involvement at church as of late. Thanks for your voice, David, and thanks for the encouragement!


A while back I mentioned the Sing the Word series of Scripture memory songs for children (and their parents). Allow me to plug them again: If you’re looking for a great way to teach Scripture to children ages 2-12, look no further. This creative series of three (soon to be four) CD’s and cassette tapes will edify your child’s heart and mind, both spiritually and musically.

You could say that I’m biased, as the entire project was done by family (yours truly has a bit part)...yet I am thrilled over these songs not because of the family thing but because they are great. Family just happens to be the ones who got to make them.

I welcome you to visit the Sing the Word website.


The GBC prayer blog posts some disappointing news: due to the potential size of the GodBlogCon, it cannot be held at the original site. The options right now: a) someplace in California (Biola?) in October, or b) somewhere else at a church able to hold it, on a date to be determined.

Let us remain hopeful, in faith, that a location and time can be found. As Dr. Jackson says, “unless He build the house, the builders labor in vain.”


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