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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"The Alien and the Pumpkin" and other stories

A couple years ago, I bought a "Spin-a-Story" wheel for the kids to have fun with in the car during long trips. The wheel consists of three concentric circles stacked one on top of the other, with pictures of various objects, scenes, and people around the edges. The circles can be rotated so that the pictures line up in various combinations, which you are then supposed to use to tell a story.

I've been using this wheel for creative-writing exercises with my budding story-teller/6-year-old son. Here are some of his tales:

The Alien and the Pumpkin

Once there was an alien who flew past the moon. He found a pumpkin sitting on the moon. He picked it up and he took it home and carved it into a jack-o-lantern. He set it in his bedroom and each hour it would light up and go, “Woooo-ooooo.” Then he went to Jupiter, looked at the big red blotch, and then went back to the moon to look for another pumpkin.


The Circus

Once there was a circus on June 25th. A man went to the circus and he bought five hotdogs and six hamburgers. He ate them all, and he went to the games, and he picked the water-balloon game. The water-balloon game you had to take all your clothes off. Then, he got a slingshot and they used the slingshot to put the water-balloons in. Then, when the person who owned the games said, “Go,” they would let go and the water balloons would go flying through the air and they would hit the other person. But if they missed, the person who was lined up next on the other person’s side would get hit instead.


The House and the Rooster

Once there was a house on Strawberry Hill. A boy and a girl lived in it. A rooster came in it. The boy and the girl saw the rooster and they kept it. So every morning, they would go and pick strawberries and blueberries. They came back to their house, and every berry that was rotten they gave to the rooster. And the rooster liked it. So he decided to stay.


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