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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bits and pieces, 2/12/05: integrity

My theme for today is integrity. I am always encouraged by examples I see in Scripture, and in the lives of others. For example:

John Shroeder posts some wonderful passages from the Psalms to base prayer on, for the GodBlogCon as well as life in general.

From Psalm 8: The Lord cares for man and has lifted him up. He has given man rule over the works of His hands. This is a mighty privilege and responsibility, and we respond with gratitude, praise, and humility.

From Psalm 101: Those who look to the Lord must “give heed to the blameless way.” They must not look upon any worthless thing so as to be influenced by it. They must not slander in secret, nor be haughty or arrogant. They must practice no deceit, nor speak falsehood.


A tall order, and we fall short. Repentance and humility will restore us, however, and may do more toward furthering the kingdom of God than anything else.

An example: Rusty Lopez apologizes to Ed Brayton. Thank you, Rusty, for demonstrating real love in action.


Martin LaBar posts a thought-provoking piece titled, "Hathach: Lessons from a Eunuch," on being a messenger.


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